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Women's History: Looking Back 50 Years...

I was out antique shopping with my friend the other day and we got a good giggle out of stumbling upon The Amy Vanderbilt Success Program for Women: How to Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time (written by not Ms Vanderbilt, author of How to Help Your Husband Get Ahead among other equality-stifling publications, but this time written by – a man!).  So I thought I’d share this guy’s tips and give y’all a giggle…and while we still are dealing with a lot of crap, well, it could be worse, I suppose…

Why Work?

  1. “If you are a divorcee you may wish to work.”

  2. “For some women there are deeper psychological reasons for working part time…Some are lonely or bored.”

For “the older woman” – stated as age 40 and up:

  1. “Studies of training programs…show that older women…performed proficiently in a variety of jobs attached to office work, housekeeping, sewing, food service and other industries.”

Preparing to work:

  1. “Using your own car will be an added expense.  Waiting for buses can be irritating.”

  2. “Few women, who have been away from work for some years, have been able to keep up the skills of their previous employment.”

Newspaper employment ad examples:

  1. “Dance Teacher – attractive young ladies”

  2. “Women 18-50 for counter work”

  3. “Poodle Groomer”

  4. “File Clerks – two qualified young ladies”

  5. “Mature, married woman, in one-man small office”

How to apply for a job:

  1. “A simple resume might take the following form: Name (Mrs/Miss), Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Height, Weight…”


  1. “The employer does not want you to seem to be too independent”

  2. “If you can’t give yourself a manicure or set your hair, and investment in a beauty parlor service may be worth while.”

  3. “If you’re plump, start cutting down. Even a five-pound loss will give you a trimmer appearance.”

So that was fun.


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