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Aimee Levens

For 20+ years... I worked for a multitude of industries in corporate, agency, and independent consulting roles for organizations from 3 to 30,000+ employees. I hold my BS in Human Resources Management, and maintained my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from 2004-2017. As a recruiting consultant, I filled a vital need for over 30 small companies & startups who lacked the benefit of an in-house recruiter, designing and leading both short- and long-term talent acquisition projects.


My reputation for high-caliber results within quickly evolving industries resulted in strong partnerships with hiring teams to build strategies for attracting, retaining and developing talent, then delivered by using my extensive and diverse personal, professional, and community networks to join candidates and companies. Throughout my career, I mentored recruiters to give them guidance in an under-supported profession, professionally coached hundreds of job seekers, and volunteered in the community to do what I can to make the world a better place. I am known for my integrity, transparency, and building strong relationships AND processes that respect everyone’s time, promote diversity and inclusion, and deliver real results.

In 2021, I formally retired from HR/Recruiting, deciding to focus on finding a new path, supporting community organizations to serve the under-served, and take an extended sabbatical to write, learn, and take my first real time off since kicking off my career so long ago. I've since completed my certificate in Community Health, took on numerous DIY renovation, building & landscaping projects, and downsized back to Northwest Washington with my partner, our dog, ducks, and honeybees to chase new adventures.

I've always nurtured my creative side, from freelancing as a portrait & live music photographer in my 20s, to creating & selling my own line of hand-rolled truffles as owner/chocolatier of Bittersweet in my 30s, to my lifetime as a writer, sharing professional advice, personal narratives, lifestyle pictorials and tips through my blogs in my 30s & 40s, and a healthy dose of creative writing and poetry to boot. Taking a breath to figure it all out is truly a privilege, and someday I'll tell you all about it...

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