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Embracing my community through volunteering with a variety of organizations over the years is what truly feeds my soul. From special events management, to pro bono recruiting and coaching, to mentoring youth, to getting my hands dirty with environmental projects, I love giving my time to organizations dedicated to both planet and people.


“Aimee is a highly creative, talented professional with great communication and teamwork skills. For the past several years and at two different companies, Aimee provided internal company promotion and support for our volunteer outreach program to schools. She is passionate about contributing to community-based programs that support education. Her enthusiasm and effective collaboration skills enlisted many additional volunteers and she participated as a classroom volunteer herself. It is a pleasure to work with Aimee!”
~ Business Education Compact

"Aimee's worked hard to establish connections between education and non-profits and the tech sector and succeeded with her efforts to pull me into the fray. She is a great connector of people and fun to work with."
~ Selena Deckelmann, VP / Mozilla

“Aimee was a fantastic addition to our “Careers in Sustainability” panel. She really connected with the students and gave them great information about career preparation and strategic job search, and demonstrated a genuine understanding and compassion for their challenges. Aimee’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and students gave rave reviews!”

~ Portland State University

“Aimee’s knowledge is bountiful, and she shared it generously through captivating stories, inspiring a group of people in the process. Also, Aimee has very effective and subtle communication skills. She tactfully articulated a difficult matter that needed to be heard, and in a way that was well received.”
~ Reach Community Development

“Aimee is a Connector Extraordinaire! She organizes events to connect university career centers and faculty with her organization to help us steer candidates her way. I can attest to her versatility and adaptability. She is also energetic and talented, and is generous in sharing her energy and talents. I always look forward to working with Aimee!”
~ Oregon Institute of Technology

“Aimee is the greatest mentor anybody could ask for. When she takes you under her wing, you can be certain you will learn much more than you bargained for. She is the most helpful, passionate and dedicated person you will ever meet. Her way of working is completely organic and she has an innate gift of bringing out the other person’s interests. Aimee is always looking to connect you with your passion and given her gift of talent spotting, it’s a recipe for success! She is as dedicated to weaving the fabric of sustainability within her organization, as she is to promoting women in technology outside the organization.”
~ Nandini Mitra, University of Oregon (Sustainability/IT Intern)

"If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it."
Toni Morrison
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