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Since 2009, I’ve worked one-on-one with local and remote clients, using my 20 years of HR/Recruiting experience to build great resumes and provide actionable career coaching to find a great new job, re-enter the workforce, or transition to a desired career path. My focus has always been helping those know who know what they want to do next in their career get there…faster.

My 30-day “Core” coaching package includes a full resume overhaul and a 1 hour, one-on-one career consulting session, providing a customized blend of networking assistance, interview techniques, cover letter assistance, LinkedIn profile improvements, job search tips, and overall career advisory services. I also offer a Basic (online-only) and Advanced (Core + Mock Interview) packages to accommodate the various needs of my clients, PLUS a la carte options for those with limited budgets.

NOTE: I don’t look for jobs for clients (in fact, I don’t know any coaches or recruiters who are paid to do job searches) nor am I a “career counselor” (who helps clients figure out what kind of career they want). If you don’t know what you want to do next in your career, I’m not going to be the best fit for you as my work is all about helping you reach your existing career goal(s).  However, I am more than happy to refer those looking for this type of assistance to those in my network who specialize in this.

Want to learn more?  Connect with me on LinkedIn and mention you saw my website, and we can talk about my rates, processes, package details and more!



“Aimee was of great help in structuring my resume and LinkedIn profile. She put a lot of thought and provided valuable feedback on every word. Aimee also did a tremendous job project managing our work together to make sure that I received maximum value out of her coaching time. She continues to be very responsive even after the formal coaching with assistance making connections and with introductions. I definitely recommend her career services.”

 “I reached out to Aimee for career coaching after recently being laid off and wanted to take that opportunity to clearly define the next steps in my career. I had a very good idea about what I wanted to do and why, but had basically no clue on how to get there. Aimee’s help was outstanding as she made very meaningful and practical recommendations, including the rework of my resume, improving my LinkedIn profile and helping me with extending my professional network. She has a very pragmatic and collaborative approach when it comes to create a plan of actions – be prepared to do your homework as she guides you through the process. Her broad expertise of the hiring process, human resource management and her deep knowledge of the startup landscape in the Pacific Northwest were simply phenomenal. This, in itself, provided me with the insights I needed to fill the gaps on how I could achieve my career goals. I heartily recommend Aimee to anyone needing career coaching and would no hesitate working with her again if I need some guidance in the future.”

“Aimee was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services when searching for assistance in creating or updating a resume. She has the distinct ability to cut through the clutter and deliver the key points to highlight career milestones. Aimee does an excellent job providing the necessary one on one involvement to support the development of a professional job search. Her vast experience in the recruitment business is evident through the tremendous insight she provides throughout the process.”

“Aimee is an excellent coach, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services to anyone. Her ability to listen closely, ask incisive questions, and then translate that information into a relevant and useful profile truly seemed magical! Most impressive to me, though, has been her insight into the people I should meet. Aimee has opened up an entirely new network to me that is proving to be invaluable in learning more about my professional interests.”

“Aimee is a very talented, personable, and results-driven career coach who has helped me tremendously in finding my next opportunity. She has excellent insight into everything job search related including resume and cover letter best practices, interview processes, and networking opportunities. Aimee did an excellent job helping me rework my resume and career profile, highlighting my strengths and experience that were not as evident before. She also has the best networking advice and has connected me with so many great professionals in my field. I am amazed by her expertise, reliability, and amazing quality of work. I recommend Aimee to anyone who is looking for their next job opportunity!”


“Aimee was truly great to work with. She made some significant improvements to my resume and LinkedIn profile as well as providing some great insight on my future goals. She also offered some key advice on the interview process, which was really helpful given I hadn’t interviewed in a number of years. Thanks to her help, I was recruited for and accepted a role that is perfect for me!”

“Aimee helped me get my career back on track after relocating to Portland. Her deep knowledge of recruiting, the local tech industry, and the current job market have proven invaluable in helping me find the opportunities that best fit my skills and experience. I would recommend Aimee’s coaching for anyone who is interested in putting together a plan to get the best possible results from their job search.”

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