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Career Change Spotlight: Rebecca

Check out my interview with another fantastic individual who has changed to a completely different line of work, in hopes of inspiring others who are contemplating a similar move in their own professional lives. 

A former hairstylist, Rebecca had been informally coaching many of her colleagues over the years, and decided to chase her dream to become a full time coach for women solo-entrepreneurs, with a strong focus on mentoring those both already in and entering into the health & beauty field, from hairstylists to makeup artists to massage therapists to estheticians and more. 

What do you do for a living these days?

 I am currently actively coaching women – specifically around solo-entrepreneurship.

What career were you in before this?

I ran my own business in the beauty and hair industry, as well as educated and mentored other stylists.

What inspired you to make this transition?

Every single woman who sat in my chair. They were all amazing and I loved being able to witness their journeys and their stories. It was a decade ago when people started telling me that they saw me as a coach. A few years ago, I realized I wanted to work in a different model and still serve women.  To be honest – life conspired to make me go this way!

What were your biggest challenges in changing careers?

For me it was taking the leap of faith. I had tried to transition slowly. Working full time, studying and getting it going. It wasn’t until I completely committed and immersed myself that it actually took off. The next challenge was all the other skills that I needed to improve upon such as the administrative side- the website, the scheduling system, etc.

What advice can you share with others thinking about moving into a new line of work? Do it. Just say YES!  Say yes even when it scares you- ESPECIALLY when it scares you.  Put yourself in the situation where you have to do it.  You can figure out the details later.  Reach out to others in your intended industry and ask them what they did and how they would do it differently.  Tell everyone what you are up to… people almost always want to help. Ignore the naysayers. I would also add I have found it important to stay fluid; have a plan and get started, but be flexible because opportunities may arise that are sometimes even better than you had expected. One more thing…have fun and enjoy the journey!


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