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Want to read about more than career stuff?

Hey readers!

Those who have known me for a long time know that I also have another blog completely unrelated to career stuff. In fact, this October will mark 13 years since I first ventured into blogging! And while some folks have resorted to video or social media, the writer in me will always love the blog, with the opportunity to meet people I might never have met (do you know anyone whose spouse was blog follower from the other side of the world? well, now you do!), and share the other sides of what makes me...me!

So with that, I am in the process of moving my personal blog from Wix over to Square, and going through the simultaneously fun-yet-unenviable task of reviewing my old content and making the decisions whether to archive, republish, or extract bits and pieces for new blog posts. I've found that during this sabbatical / career change AND relocation up north, spending energy on my blog is helping channel all the excess energy. Thus far I've got two posts up, and there are more to come! So if you have any kind of interest in topics ranging from gardening to food to DIY to green living and more, AND one that includes ZERO attempts at making commissions off evil e-commerce websites (that shall not be named), I hope you will stop by and check out eemia.org!

Thanks for your support!


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