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Solopreneur Story: My First 6 Months in Business

Over the years, I've journaled my experiences going from the land of traditional employment to running my own show as a self-employed consultant, AKA solopreneur. Here's my report after the first 6 months...




  1. A state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced.

  2. A state of physical balance.

Holy cow.  I’ve been in business for myself for six months now, and now?  I can’t imagine my life any other way. 

After the highs and lows of getting started, whether it be in helping a diverse group of amazing startups, coaching tons and tons of unique and fantastic people in a wonderful variety of places in their lives and careers, and having the opportunity guest blog on a number of different industry and career websites, I am…

HAPPY.  Yep, I said it.  Happy.

Now, happy isn’t the same as “complete” or “settled”.  I’ll always be striving for more, learning a ton, and dipping my toes in other waters.  That’s what’s so brilliant about everything I’m feeling these days!  I gave myself this gift of possibility, and it’s paid me back in ways I never would have imagined that day last spring when I made The Decision to leave the corporate world and forge a new path.

Similar to a gratitude journal, recognizing what you’ve learned and documenting your accomplishments is truly helpful in maintaining that gorgeous feeling of equilibrium.

  1. While I still stress myself out on a regular basis (who doesn’t?), I know that it’s my choice to put pressure upon myself.  If I’m my own boss.  But guess what?  I could have done that in my old life too.  But they never made it okay.  And there’s the lesson – it’s up to me to make it okay, no one else.  The bag lady is gone.

  2. I am a Writer.  While I’ve always been a writer, I now capitalize it.  Through guest blogging, I’ve been able to reach out to new audiences, express myself, edit for content and usability, and let Myself shine through in my words.  When I was 10 my career goals were this: 1) Writer.  2) Photographer.  3) Jockey.  Well, then I realized I was the same height as Willie Shoemaker and gave up #3.   As for #2, I still shoot obsessively, have shown and sold my work, and see photographs in everything as I walk along (still primarily in black & white).  But the number one lives on.  And now I’m owning my passion.   Who’da thunk.

  3. Living without traditional health insurance, I now take better care of myself than I ever did before.  Physically, I’ve lost 25 pounds (and counting) through decisions about food that are based on nurturing rather than punishing my body.  Mentally, I am more fastidious about practicing yoga twice a week (currently focusing on restorative rather, but will be reintroducing flow to the repertoire very soon), and getting a massage at least every other month.  Emotionally, I stand up for myself in ways that I never used to.  No longer am I tolerating treatment that is belittling or driven by greed and a lack of ethics.  And guess what?  I have stood up – and I’ve won. Take that!

  4. I constantly repeat the mantra, “surround yourself with people who support possibility”.  It works.  Those who say you can’t, you shouldn’t, you mustn’t….they’re bad for the spirit.  When I left my old job, I had one particular idea of one direction I thought I wanted to do.  I prepped, I pursued, I proposed, and I got the meeting – then realized, through that process, it wasn’t for me, even though I was good at it.  But I remember there were certain people (who I’ve since released from my life) who constantly found ways to tell me I shouldn’t bother trying, that the organizations I considered were bad, or that I should follow a certain way of doing things.  I’ve never expected anyone to fully understand me – nor always agree with me – but I do expect those with whom I’m closest to support me through this journey.  And now that I do that?  I feel fantastic.

  5. Oh yeah, and guest blogging rocks.  Not only do I get to write more, embrace my creativity, and hone my craft, I have the opportunity to connect with SO many more interesting people. It has also done wonders for my business, both as a coach and as a consultant.  This month I’ve had twenty coaching engagements, a record for me.  In addition, in monitoring status on my own blog, the visitor count has exploded – with seven times the number of viewers.  I give much kudos to the websites who have supported me through this process, along with the bloggers who share their wisdom in this area, and of course?  You, the readers.

Here’s to the next six months!

"Don’t put off your happy life." ~Author Unknown

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