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Resolutions for the Ages

I've had these resolutions on my personal blog every year and love these reminders. Rather than one-off traditional goals, these are LIFE resolutions that I think all of us can relate to, both personally and professionally. So because of that, I share these with you. 2020 is just about done, y' can we use the lessons learned to make 2021 better?

Love myself more.

Be courageous.

Be more of myself.

Help myself by helping others.

Give myself a break!

Explore the world.

(Pandemic version: explore the natural world near my home!)

Own my existence, my pleasure, my journey.

Remind myself of my goodness. Remind others of theirs.

Smile at strangers.

(Pandemic version: say hello, compliment someone or simply make small talk!)

Be grateful every single day.


Take risks.

Focus on what and who I love, and remember the rest will take care of itself.

Happy New Year to you and yours...


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