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Reading List: My Network Shares Their Favorites...

As we kick off this first month of an already upside-down year, I wanted to focus on the things that inspire so many of us: books! With that, I reached out to my network and asked them, what books have inspired you in your professional life?

It was, frankly, way cooler than I expected, as a LOT of folks responded quickly with their favorites, with books ranging from the super technical to the longtime business and management classics to ones on the philosophical end of inspiration. From marketing to engineering to customer service to education to human resources and many more professions, here's the list* shared by a whole bunch of cool folks I've gotten to know over the years...

* Note: I've included links to nearly all of the books at Powell's, the best bookstore in the world, primarily for used versions to promote more sustainable reading and support a truly good company rather than the billionaire-owned, union-busting, small business-crushing, tax-avoiding, employee-abusing, wokewashing that starts with an A.

As for me?

My instant reply is one that is not technically focused on my recruiting or coaching work at all, but rather how I view work as a whole! Radical Homemakers changed everything for me. Why? This book came into my life when I first started my consulting business in 2012, and is about "empowerment, transformation, happiness, and casting aside the pressures of a consumer culture to live in a world where money loses its power to relationships, independent thought, and creativity." And when you are starting out as a sole proprietor, working from home and engaging more in your home and garden and community (because you're not tied to an office and a commute), not to mention dealing with the new world of unpredictable income? You start to reassess what's important and this book, similar to Eat Pray Love (which would be my #2 recommendation), helped me to take that next step, look at my life and my career through a new lens, and figure out how to piece together a life that fits ME...rather than how others say it should look. And during a pandemic, these lessons could not have better prepared me. Going with the flow is SO much easier when you've made the adjustments and done the work to simplify, not to mention come to treasure a way of life that pays the bills but isn't revolving around a 60 hour workweek...

  • BONUS: Dan, a Butcher and more importantly, the fella I've been madly in love with for almost a decade, while adoring the meat books on our shelf, shared that Attainable Sustainable helped him bring a greater 'DIY mindset' to both his butchery at the shop and his many charcuterie projects at home.

"If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? That's the question that changed my life forever." ~ Amy Purdy

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