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Paying it Forward as a Solopreneur

Giving back goes far beyond financial assistance to worthwhile organizations. What can we do with our time? Whether little or big, there are things we can do.

Back in Portland, my husband and I volunteered with SMART for years, mentoring K-2 kiddos every week one-on gain skills, confidence in and enthusiasm for reading (the above photo was with one of my favorite girls!). While my schedule is different during the pandemic not to mention adapted to living in the country, I try to give back in unique ways, from mentoring locals and getting them connected to the right people in the region who I think can help them move forward, to supporting other women solopreneurs by promoting them on my website, LinkedIn, and introductions to my own clients when relevant, to providing pro bono career coaching assistance to individuals who have impressed me in their efforts to change the world.

As a recruiter, I also try to go above and beyond what most do in my work, making recommendations to my candidates whose resumes are not going to get across well to my hiring managers if I were to submit them as-is. (That's actually what spurred me to become a career coach!). Not only has it helped them articulate more clearly their existing skills, it also helps them understand why maybe their resumes in the past haven’t received the attention they deserve. Boy do I wish someone had helped me when I was in that situation in my younger days – and folks, that’s what paying it forward is all about. My hopes are these blog posts I've shared over the years do a bit to help folks as well.

It doesn’t have to be huge, y'all, it just needs to be genuine.

What are you doing personally or professionally to pay it forward?

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