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About Me

In 2012… I kicked off the solopreneur life, helping fill a vital need for small

companies and startups who lacked the benefit of an in-house recruiter, via

retained search consulting services. In addition, I provided guidance and

mentorship to in-house recruiters, and continued to coach job seekers nationwide

in their efforts to take that next step in their careers. I’ve partnered with 30+

corporate clients to lead talent acquisition initiatives, mentored recruiters to give

them the guidance they need in an often under-supported profession, coached

hundreds of job seekers, and volunteered in my community to do what I can to

make the world a better place.

In 2020… I made the decision to focus exclusively on partnering with people

and organizations devoted to the greater good, particularly when it comes to supporting underserved youth, increasing access to healthcare, protecting our environment, and promoting social justice.  With all that has changed in the world, I am honored to serve organizations whose missions align with my core values…and where I can be of greater service.


For 20+ years, I’ve worked for a multitude of industries in corporate, agency, and independent consulting roles for organizations from 3 to 30,000+ employees. I have a strong reputation for delivering high-caliber results within quickly evolving industries, partnering with hiring teams to create strategies for attracting, retaining and developing talent, while using my extensive and diverse personal, professional, and social networks to bring people and companies together.

I hold my BS in Human Resources Management, maintained my Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from 2004-2017, and volunteer my skills at numerous professional and community events, from job fairs to industry forums, to assisting with tabling, organizing and event coordination for local non-profits.


Customer Experience is the underlying theme in everything I do – whether we’re talking about hiring teams, candidates, or the general community. My clients know they’re getting a partner who won’t “sell” to them – I am known for my transparency, integrity, and reputation for building both strong processes AND relationships that respect everyone’s time, promotes diversity and inclusion, and delivers real results.

Home Office

A native Northwesterner, I started my business in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, working remotely from my home office in the city for many years before relocating to Astoria on the North Coast in 2018, where along with our professional lives, my husband and I raise chickens, ducks, honeybees and more while working on the never-ending project of fixing up our 80 year old farmhouse.

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"So whatever you want to do, just do it...Making a damn fool of yourself is absolutely essential."

Gloria Steinem

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